Shame shame! Resign impotent representatives: Ima Keithel vendors

Imphal: The ministers and MLAs should be ashamed for conducting the Manipur state Assembly session for a mere 11 minutes without discussing a single issue of the present turmoil.

General secretary of Khwairamband Ima Keithel Lukmai Seluk (a women vendors body), Asem Nirmala said this talking to reporters on Wednesday while going to submit a memorandum to governor Anusuiya Uikey near Raj Bhavan main gate, here.

“If the ministers and MLAs cannot control the present issue, they should resign from their respective post immediately. People do not need such irresponsible leaders,” Nirmala said.

The women group strongly condemned the Assembly session conducted on Tuesday which they said was like a mockery to the people of Manipur.

“The people’s representatives should not play with the public. People strongly condemn adjourning the Assembly session without discussing a single agenda on the present turmoil,” she lambasted.

“We feel regret for electing such shameless representatives who are to be the voice of the people,” Nirmala said.

Many people have died in the crisis, MLAs and ministers should not sideline the issue for love of their chairs.

The women organisation also strongly condemned for issuing legal notice to social worker Thaonaojam Maheshwar for raising voice against the bias act of Assam Rifles in the present turmoil in Manipur.

Many have been alleging Assam Rifles for the bias action. Assam Rifles should issue the legal notice to those people who are also raising voice against the bias act of Assam Rifles, Nirmala said.

While farmers are shot in their paddy field, Prime Minister Narendra Modi keep praising on ‘Chandrayaan’ landing on moon. “People of Manipur do not want to hear the moon story, Modi should take importance on the burning Manipur,” she added.

Central forces are making buffer zone at paddy fields of the valley. Buffer zone should be made at ‘no men’s land’. How are the farmers going to work at their paddy fields? What is the intension of the central and state governments? She questioned.

The government should bear the consequences for any unwanted incident, she cautioned.

Khwairamband Ima Keithel Lukmai Seluk will be supporting the agitation to be conducted on September 2 against the bias action of Assam Rifles in Manipur, the women leader said.

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