PR likely in Manipur: MPCC

Imphal: As the BJP government fails to convene regular Manipur Legislative Assembly session even in this crisis period, ‘President Rule’ is most likely to be imposed in Manipur, said state president, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), K. Meghachandra Singh on Monday.

Meghachandra was addressing reporters at Manipur PCC head office, here.

Manipur PCC had submitted memorandum to the governor three times urging to convene an emergency Assembly session to discuss the present crisis in Manipur that has been experiencing since May 3.

Various sections of the society had pressed the governor for the same.

The state Cabinet had also sent a recommendation to Governor in order to summon regular session of Manipur Legislative Assembly on August 21.

Failure to convene regular session of Manipur Legislative Assembly is total violation of MLAs’ right. Adding that MLAs are to be notified to submit their queries 15 days ahead of the session. However, till date no such notification has been received by the Congress MLAs, Meghachandra said.

As per rules of procedure and conduct of business, the regular session of Manipur Legislative Assembly is to be convene by September 2 and necessary process including submission of starred questions and others has started 15 days ahead of the session. The present violation of the rules and failure to convene regular assembly session is a Constitutional Crisis, he added.

“MPCC strongly condemned for suppressing the voice of people which is very necessary to be discuss in order to bring normalcy in Manipur.”

The present government has murdered Democracy in the state and the country, the MPCC president said.

Is the hidden agenda of the present BJP government being deaf to protect the BJP MLAs, he questioned.

The double engine BJP government totally distorted the territorial integrity of Manipur during the turmoil, he alleged.

There is no need to convene special session. It is not mandatory for all the MLAs to attend the sitting and the concerned minister are not mandatory to reply on the queries made on the assembly floor, Meghachandra, said.

Congress MLA, Th Lokeshwar said the session could be convened anywhere and any place even in Khwairamband Bazaar.

He alleged that the ignorance to convene regular session showed that the present government do not bother of the crisis.

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