People snatch guns from police post, one nabbed

Imphal: Four persons who came in a red car along with other three cars snatched guns from Police and VDF personnel posted at Lilong Police outpost which is under the jurisdiction of Singjamei police station in Imphal West district of Manipur, on Saturday.

The incident took place at around 2 pm. 

The four persons, taking the advantage of the cops taking lunch, overpowered the outpost and took four guns–three AK Rifles and one Insas rifle.

A group of police commando chased the red car which was speeding towards Imphal. They were heard shouting to save them when they were crossing Chingamathak Ngakaraba junction at Singjamei.

There were women on the roads. They were supporting public curfew and protesting against the killing of three persons while they were sleeping at their homes at Kwakta Lamkhai in Bishnupur district on Saturday early morning.

Hearing the call to save them, the women folk rushed towards them. In the midst the car speeded up. While it was trying to cross Nabul river the police fired towards the car. 

One woman, Rani, was hit in the firing. 

The tyre of the car was hit by police bullet. The persons persons left the car and run. One of them fall in police hand with a gun and the three others escaped with three guns.

The area was cordoned by the state police and Rapid Action Force personnel and conducted search operation. 

Meira Paibi women folk coming from different places rushed at Singjamei urging to stop the security operations. There was confrontation between the women and the state police.

No arrest has been reported so far till the filing of this report.

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