Manipur governor, CM urge people to fight against people challenging integrity

Imphal: Manipur governor Anusuiya Uikey and chief minister N. Biren Singh has urged the people to stand and fight as one against all those who challenge the freedom and integrity of the nation and state.

The leaders made the appeal in messages released on the occasion of Patriots’ Day that is celebrated on August 13.

“Let us while observing the Patriots’ Day, pledge to stand and fight as one against all those who challenge the freedom and integrity of the nation, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and other differences,” the governor said.

“The present generation should reflect on their thoughts and deeds and stand as one, rising above all differences, against forces who wish to disintegrate the state. On this occasion, let us pay our respects to our fore-fathers remembering their highest acts of patriotism. Let their memory guide us in facing various divisive forces acting from within and outside,” the chief minister said.

The occasion reminds of the heroic forefathers like Bir Tikendraj it, Thangal General, Chirai Naga, Pukhrambam Kajao, Niranjan Subedar and a host of other martyrs who made supreme and selfless sacrifice for the cause of the freedom of their motherland, Anusuiya said.

They along with many others who were banished for life from Manipur believed in the freedom of their nation and challenged the might of the British Empire in 1891 embracing death and prison rather than live without freedom. “This historic day also jogs our memory that if we do not live and work together we stand to lose,” she added.

“I join the people of Manipur in observing the Patriots’ Day and wish the Patriots’ Day observations all across the state and also outside the state all success,” the governor said.

Biren said on this day, Yuvraj Tikendrajit Singh and Thangal General laid down their fives valiantly in defence of their motherland. “The day reminds us of the supreme and selfless sacrifices made by hundreds of soldiers fighting against the British for defending the sovereignty of Manipur. Our forefathers valued freedom and sovereignty of their motherland more than their own lives.”

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