Congress marks August 29, 2023 as “Dark Day” against ‘Murder of Democracy’ in Manipur

Imphal: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee has declared August 29, 2023 as “Dark Day in the History of Parliamentary Democracy of India” following the rejection of Private Members’ Resolution to discuss on the prevailing Manipur ethnic crisis in the House of the 4th session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly session on Tuesday.

Law and order situation in Manipur is totally failed as well as murdered democracy by calling one day unconstitutional Assembly session which has fully violated the rule of procedure, the Manipur PCC remarked.

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee and five Congress MLAs have strongly condemned the rejection of Private Members’ Resolution in the state Assembly House.

Congress legislature party leader, Okram Ibobi claimed the 4th session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly as “Murder of democracy” while Indian democracy is known as “Mother of Democracy”.

Ibobi made the charge addressing a press conference at Manipur PCC head office, here on Tuesday, after the Assembly session was adjourned sine die.

To declare the Black Day a black flag was hoisted at the Manipur PCC office complex by the Congress leaders led by K. Meghachandra, president, Manipur PCC.

Ibobi said after the May 3 incident, people of Manipur have been awaiting for the Assembly session in order to discuss the present turmoil in the state for the last nearly 4 months. Manipur Legislative Assembly has been considering as a scared temple for the people of Manipur. People from various sections including women organisations have been demanding to convene Assembly session since the prevailing Meitei-Kuki clash erupted.

He said considering to bring back normalcy in Manipur, 10 like-minded political parties including MPCC had submitted memorandum to Governor of Manipur demanding to convene a session.

The Congress legislature leader said the protest that was demonstrated with written placard ‘save democracy’ was not only for the state of Manipur but for the entire nation. Congress party strongly condemned for not considering the private member resolution that was submitted to the Assembly to discuss the present turmoil in Manipur.

The notice of private member’s resolution was submitted to secretary, Manipur Legislative Assembly on August 25 signed by the 5 opposition MLAs.

Under Rule 105 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Manipur Legislative Assembly, the Congress MLAs served the notice of the private members’ resolution on grounds and facts of the continuing turmoil with nearing a lakh of population getting displaced from their homes, hundreds of innocent lives being killed, thousands of women and children suffering, internet ban for months, national highways being blocked, shortage of essential commodities and medicines, educational institutions getting closed, markets and business. sectors being badly hit, agricultural activities being paralysed, lakhs of population getting economically affected and the entire population being unprecedentedly affected.

In order to put an end to the unprecedented continuing turmoil in the state of Manipur, there is an urgent need of restoring peace, tranquility and harmony among different ethnicities and communities in the state. By doing so, violence will be put to an end in the state. To put an end to violence, and to ensure peace, tranquility and harmony in the state, there is an emergent necessity for every Member of this august House, which represents the entire will of the people of the state, to come together for the entire people of Manipur, the notice of private members’ resolution mentioned.

It said “This House unanimously resolves that the territorial, administrative and financial integrity of the State of Manipur shal…

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