Assembly adjourned sine die in 11 min amid Opposition’s protest against refusing discussion on Manipur crisis

Imphal: Chief minister N. Biren Singh refused to discuss about four months long Manipur crisis on the floor of the floor of the House of the 4th Session of the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly on Tuesday that adjourned sine die after 11 minutes of sitting following strong protest from the Opposition party, Congress.

Biren in his address said, according to Rule 132, discussions on matters that currently are before the court are sub judice and do not need separate consideration in the House, showing his stance against a separate discussion of the  current crisis in the House.

The Leader of the House moved the resolution condoling the tragic loss of many lives in the recent violence in the state. He also expressed the depth of the pain and grief that has befallen the families, communities and the entire state.

In the beginning of the session the CLP leader’s exaggerated impassioned outcry, denouncing the nature of the Assembly and the state of democracy.

“Is this mockery? Let us save democracy, let us save the constitution,” the opposition bench shouted, as the Speaker took the chair.

Former chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh expressed the confusion over the nature of the session and the absence of a rule of law.

The five Congress MLAs, stood up in unison to criticise and protest the Assembly’s proceedings, raising slogans and displaying placards that read, “Save democracy, save Constitution.”

They demanded to extend the session from a day to five days to thoroughly discuss on the prevailing issue of Manipur crisis.

Amidst the chaos, the chief minister carried on with an obituary reference and called for a two-minute silence amid the chaos.

The chief minister took a moment to commend the recent successful mission carried out by ISRO expressing gratitude to the scientists and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their contributions.

Biren highlighted the participation of Dr Raghu Ningthoujam from Thanga, Manipur, as an example of the state’s significant contributions to the nation.

The Congress MLAs protest grew strong. Consequently, the House was adjourned for a 30-minute interval after just 9 minutes of business.

The Opposition MLAs protested for convening the session violating the Rules of Procedures and Conduct of Business of the House. Giving clarification, Leader of the House informed that under Rule No.271, the lists of Business order of the day may be altered.

The resumption of the session saw the Congress protest gaining momentum, leading to the Speaker’s announcement of adjournment sine die, in a few minute after the session had resumed.

The 10 Kuki MLAs, including two Cabinet ministers who demand a separate administration for Kuki-Zo, were not present in the Assembly.

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