Conflict abandoned house catches on fire in Imphal

Imphal: An abandon house, Emmanuel Cottage at New Checkon, Imphal East caught on fire on Sunday at around 4 pm.

The house is located on the western side of New Checkon road, Imphal East adjacent to Khadims New Checkon shoe store.

The fire broke out at the top floor of the house made of woods.

It is said the house had already been evacuated in the beginning of the Manipur crisis and has remained locked since then. People who are residing in the area were in panicky situation as the fire might spread in nearby houses.

Immediately a team of Manipur Fire Service came and tried to extinguish the fire. As the fire tender was unable to control the fire, two other fire bouser came and extinguished the fire completely at around 6 pm.

Most portion of the top floor was damaged.

An electrician along with the fire tenders checked the spot and they reported that the fire might started due to electric short circuit as there were old electric wire fitting.

During the incident no causality has been reported.

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