Brahman Tomba awaits to return home in Churachandpur

Imphal: The Manipur crisis has made many homeless, G. Tomba Sharma, 83, resident of Churachandpur Mandop Leikai, was one among them who has firm determination that one day he would return to Churchandpur to serve his Lords in his temple there.

His Krishna Mandir was totally destroyed by Kuki and set ablaze on July 7.

He is presently staying at a centre at Saiton, Bishnupur district.

He came there leaving Churachandpur as the Kuki destroyed all the idols in Krishna temple.

“My wife and children are staying at a relief camp in Moirang, Bishnupur district,” he said.

“But I won’t go there. Before I could reach there I will not eat my normal food. Till now I am eating flattened rice.” 

It was very painful and saddened as the Kuki didn’t spare even the temple, Tomba said.

“After the incident, the local Muslims frequently heard sounds of my temple bell. But they didn’t find me there,” They saw Radharani’s idol laying in front of the temple. They informed to one non local Hindu and he erected the idol and leave it there. Only the idol was there. After that the Kuki came with machinery and destroyed everything,” he added.

“Till now I am staying here at Saiton,” he said.

Presently, he is staying at Saiton broken and shocked. But in is in firm determination that one day he would go to Churchandpur to serve his Lords in his temple. Only then he will resume taking his normal food, said a script in a video shared on Facebook by Manipur Bhagavat Foundation.

Manipur has been in turmoil since the ethnic clash between Meitei and Kuki began on May 3 launching attacks to Meitei community by burning houses and killing in Churachandpur and Bishnupur districts.

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