Vacate Meitei areas of Barak Valley immediately: AAMSU tells Mizos

Imphal: Reacting to the warning issued to leave Meiteis from Mizoram by PAMRA (Peace Accord MNF Returnees’ Association) All Assam Manipuri Student’s Union has advised Mizos living in the Meitei areas of Barak Valley to vacate the area at the earliest. 

The exodus of Meiteis from Mizoram has begun following a warning issued by surrendered militant group PAMRA. It is very regretful to learn how the Mizoram (both government and elite groups) is involved in fuelling the violence from the beginning when MZP issued a threatening notice to the Meiteis living in Mizoram on April 30 even before the Kuki narco terrorist declared war upon native Meiteis in Manipur on May 3, AAMSU said in a statement released on Monday.

The recovery of arms and other war materials in Mizoram by security forces meant for Kuki militants to create havoc in Manipur as well as provocative speeches against Meitei in the name of Zo solidarity says it all, it added.

“As most of the Meiteis living in Mizoram happens to be from Assam, the unruly behaviour of Mizoram has already escalated anger among the Meiteis of Assam, therefore for their own safety we advise the Mizos living in the Meitei areas of Barak Valley to vacate the area at earliest time possible.” 

At this crucial juncture of the Manipur turmoil we stand in solidarity of our Meitei kins in Manipur who are being attacked by war monger Kuki Zo tribes. The Meiteis in Assam would extend any possible and necessary support to our kins.” 

The government of Mizoram should stop playing double game by pretending to show concern for Meiteis on one hand and giving free hand to anti-Manipur activities in Mizoram by allowing to target the helpless Meiteis on the other hand, AAMSU cautioned.

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