‘Placing only viral video issue of sexual assault in Parliament cannot suppress Meitei community’

Imphal: Women’s wing of Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (Cocomi) strongly condemned on the viral video showing sexual assault on two women. “Placing the viral video issue on Parliamentary floor by sidelining the entire issue since May 3 by Prime Minister cannot help to suppress the Meitei community. 

Executive member of the committee’s women wing, Ima Leirik Leima talking to reporters here raised why the state government did not disclose such incident to the general public.

“Violation against women is against whole women community and the women wing of the committee could punish the culprits if it is known to public regarding the incident earlier,” she said.

“There is a suspicion of central government to defame the Meitei community highlighting the viral video issue on the Parliamentary floor by the Prime Minister sidelining the entire issue that has been occurring since May 3.”

Leirik Leima said the central government should bring out the entire data at least for the last one decade who are involve in poppy cultivation and smuggling of poppy products.

Another executive member of the committee, RK Tharaksana said the committee will also press the government to punish severe punishment towards the culprits.

She appealed the people of the state not to repeat similar incident in the near future.

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