AR detains 2 village volunteers

Imphal: Two village defense volunteers were reportedly detained by Assam Rifles at Sekmai Leikinthabi hill range and reportedly threatened to give them to Kukis of Kangpokpi district. 

One of the victim village defense volunteers told reporters that he along with some other village volunteer on Friday late evening went towards the hill range to give food for other volunteers staying at bunkers set up along the hill the range of Awang Sekmai Leikinthabi, Imphal which is a few kilometer away from Sekmai police station towards the eastern side. 

They went in a Bolero jeep and a mini tata truck after they gave food and drinking water to the volunteers who are at the bunkers, they said they heard a loud blast sound. They left their vehicles and ran downwards to the valley to save their lives. On early morning of Saturday he along with another volunteer went to the hill range to get back the vehicles that they left on Friday.

When they were about to reach the bunker they reportedly saw some Assam Rifle personnel approximately six surrounding the bunkers. First, they talk nicely and when he identified himself as Meitei the reported AR personnel bind their hands on back and blindfolded and started assaulting with their rifles butts. 

Even they were threatened that they will be handed over to KPI Kukis or they will be killed and will put charge as armed miscreants by putting some live bullets to their pockets, he narrated.

Meanwhile, Sekmai police received the information that two village volunteers has been detained at a nearby hill range. Officer-in-charge of Sekmai police station informed the Assam Rifles and gave confirmation that they are civilians and went to get their vehicles. After getting confirmation from the Sekmai Police station, the Assam Rifles released the two volunteers.

Assam Rifles PRO has clarified that there was no such incident.

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