Positive nod to resume Imphal-Silchar flight service

Imphal: Union civil aviation minister Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia gave positive response to Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba to resume the Imphal-Silchar flight service that has been suspended for seven years.

Leishemba met Scindia and discussed on the matter on Tuesday morning.

Leishemba told the Union minister that the flight service connecting Imphal and Silchar was suspended in 2013. He told that students of Manipur and Assam Barak valley are studying on various courses on both the institutions and universities located in both the areas. However, due to lack of flight service the students of both of the state are facing problems since 2013.

He demanded to resume the flight service considering the future career of the students of Manipur and Assam.

Leishemba brought the demand to aviation minister himself as the demand was not able to discuss on the ongoing Parliamentary session due to various debates carried by the opposition benched though the demand is listed on the discussion of on-going Parliamentary session.

On July 16, All Assam Manipur Students’ Union central committee had submitted a memorandum at Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba demanding to initiate all necessary steps for restoration of the flight service.

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