SPDPO raises questions over school fees

Imphal: State Platform of Disabled People’s Organisations (SPDPO), has reacted against the recent government’s order issued by the department of education (S) to take 50 percent school fees and to give 70 per cent monthly salaries for teachers in all private schools amid pandemic.

A press note issued by president of SPDPO, Md Yunus Khan drew attention of government that during the 1st wave of Covid-19, no physical classes were conducted after the students were paid admission fees. For the following academic session, the students were informed to get admitted for the next classes. “Where are the funds collected in the form of school admission? He asked.

He said that the same could be applied for government school and college teachers.

To get proper education, students from poor families are getting admitted at private schools. The state government should reconsider whether the recent order is reasonable amid pandemic while various daily wages earners are suffering, he added.

SPDPO, however, appreciated the decision of state government that monthly school fees for students whose both parents succumbed to Covid will be exempted.

Various initiatives have been taken up by the state government, but still fails to discuss clause (e) section 2 of Disaster Management Act, 2005. Though the state faces second wave of Covid-19, state government is yet to take necessary steps for person with disability families, he added.

He appealed the state government to reconsider the recent government order as it would add more woes to the people suffering in this pandemic.

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