20th Unity Day of Manipur observed

Imphal: The 20th edition of The Great June Uprising Day, Unity day, 2021 was observed at Kekrupat, here on Friday in commemoration of those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Manipur integrity.

The observation was jointly organised by United Committee Manipur (UCM) and All Manipur United Club Organisation (AMUCO) under the umbrella of Observance Committee 20th The Great June Uprising, Unity Day, 2021.

AMUCO president Ph. Nando Luwang said the day was observed from 9 am at Kekrupat.

Members of the observance committee and the family members of the June 18 martyrs and some leaders of civil voluntary organisation were seen participating the programme.

Floral tribute was paid to the martyrs at Kekrupat, Imphal.

Nando said though the three words “without territorial limits” was omitted officially in the “Bangkok Declaration” cease fire agreement between NSCN I-M and central government, there is an apprehension that it is following unofficially in the state. Due to the reason various civil bodies has been demanding not to include anything that may affect the state’s integrity during the cease fire extension, he added.

The cease fire agreement was signed between NSCN I-M and central government on June 14, 2001 at Bangkok. In the agreement there was one point mentioning “without territorial limit”, though in the agreement the word Manipur was not mentioned, people already acknowledge the hidden agenda that the agreement will affect territorial boundary and integrity of Manipur, Nando said.

AMUCO announced for 66 hours general strike across the state starting from the midnight of June 15 till evening of June 18 of 2001 demanding to omit the three word “without territorial limit” from the cease fire agreement, he said.

On the last day of the general strike mammoth number of protestors came on the street and during the protest 13 protestors were killed by the security forces. Later, another 11 protestors were also martyrs demanding the same one the following days.

Since then the day has been observing 18th of June at Kekrupat in order to show solidarity to the martyred souls.

The objective of the observation is not just to observe as a calender programme but to show that each ethnic community are still protecting the integrity, Nando said.

During 2001 central government used NSCN I-M as a tool to challenge the integrity of Manipur and at present central government is using some other militant groups as tools by creating divisive policies to breakdown the territorial integrity of Manipur, he added.

President of UCM, Sunil Karam cautioned state government to take necessary steps prior to the interest of Manipur against any decision of central government. If the state fails to protect territorial integrity of Manipur then state government may face similar consequences that central government had faced earlier.

He said the central government should not play divisive policy among the ethnic communities of Manipur. No development should be brought for a particular community but should bring development equally that could benefit for each ethnic communities of Manipur, he added.

Central government had been trying to challenge the territorial integrity of Manipur with various divisive policies. However, to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur more severe incident could come in the near future as compared to the incident of June 18, 2001, he added.

To protect the integrity of Manipur each community need to cooperate irrespective of hills and valleys, Sunil said.

Due to Covid-19 the day was observed with less participation of people by following Covid appropriate behaviour.

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