Manipur PCC poses 21 Covid questions to Biren government

Imphal: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson Ningombam Bupenda Meitei has posed 21 questions to the BJP government in Manipur on the second wave of covid pandemic in the state.

The questions were raised on oxygen crisis, ambulance shortage and Covid issues in Manipur through a virtual live press briefing on Saturday.

The questions

  • What is the oxygen (Liquid Medical Oxygen in MT) allocation for Manipur from the central pool?
  • What is the projected demand of oxygen for Manipur?
  • How many MT (metric tonnes) of oxygen are required per day in Manipur?
  • What are the buffer stocks of oxygen for emergency in Manipur?
  • Can Oxygen Express train reach Jiribam of Manipur to bring oxygen for the state?
  • What are the quantities (in Metric tonnes) available of oxygen for the following requirements?
    • Current stocks, average daily consumption and storage capacity for Hospitals,
    • Current stocks, average daily consumption and storage capacity for Re-fillers, and
    • Total Metric tonnes of Oxygen required for Hospitals & Re-fillers for Manipur.
  • When can oxygen supply reach home isolation covid patients?
  • What will be the compensation from the state government to the families of covid patients who died due to oxygen shortage, whether in hospitals or at home isolation?
  • What is the status report of black fungus (mucormycosis) cases in Manipur?
  • What are the daily oxygen demands of each district in Manipur?
  • How many functioning government ambulances are there in each district of Manipur?
  • How many District Hospitals are having functional ICU facilities equipped with ventilators and doctors & staff to treat covid patients?
  • How many crores of rupees have been released by Manipur BJP Government to buy pulse oxymeters and medicines for providing them free of cost to the home isolation covid patients, as stated and posted by Chief Minister on social media yesterday?
  • For how many days will the free vaccination of those between 18 and 45 take place in every district of Manipur?
  • When will the second dose of those vaccinated with first dose take place in Manipur?
  • How long will the state government take to vaccinate all the eligible population to fight against covid infections in Manipur?
  • What are the results of the genomic sequencing of covid samples sent from Manipur?
  • What is the meaning of ‘increased the number of doctors and nurses’ by Chief Minister? How can the number of doctors and nurses be increased without permanent recruitment of doctors and nurses? Why can’t there be a permanent recruitment to strengthen health systems to combat the second wave of covid pandemic in Manipur?
  • How can a common man know the daily available oxygen beds fully equipped with ventilators and ICUs in every district hospital and private hospital of the state?
    • Where is the functioning dashboard on real time basis, operated by war room to combat the second wave of covid pandemic in Manipur?
    • Is there a dedicated 24×7 war room on covid situations in Manipur?
  • What is the percentage of state GDP which has been utilised to combat the second wave of covid pandemic in the state?
    • How many crores of rupees  have been released from the state exchequer to fight the second wave of covid pandemic?
  • If the above 20 questions are fulfilled, then there is a strong possibility of succeeding in the united fight against covid pandemic in its third wave.

So, what are the steps being taken up by the state government to prevent the third wave of covid pandemic in Manipur? Manipur PCC asked.

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