RIMS Students’ Union condemns ‘unsubstantial blames’ over Sanaton issue

Imphal: Regional Institute of Medical Sciences Students’ Union (RIMSSU) has condemned ‘repeated and unsubstantial blames put against our teachers and authority alike’.

The student body on Wednesday said some organisations have been trying to interfere within the jurisdiction of RIMS Authority which is highly unwelcomed.

Clarification has been provided from our side after meeting various students organisations, on April 22. They should also understand that RiIMS is a national level institute and interferences by some local organisations which is uncalled for, is highly unfortunate, it said.

“The imbecile act of demanding the arrest of warden, where our beloved brother (L) Sanaton Athokpam stayed and terming our director and dean as “irresponsible” by Justice for Sanaton Athokpam (JFSA) is highly unacceptable and hard to digest,” the studentbody said.

RIMS under the supervision of director and dean have witnessed many changes, starting from the hospital to handling of the huge patients load and addressing to all the students’ issues and these improvements and proper management has resulted in 28th Rank of our institution under National Institutional Ranking Framework all over India, which is a proud moment of all the students and Manipur. How can someone who does not have any idea about the working procedure of RIMS call someone irresponsible? It asked.

When all community of RIMS has been sharing the grief and cooperating with Magisterial Enquiry, the repeated false accusations against the authorities, teachers or students is highly unfortunate, it said.

“Instead, we request the JFSA and all concerned to refrain from tarnishing the image of RIMS with immediate effect,” it added.

It would be rather wise for all to honour the magisterial enquiry and stop the blame game in the media while accepting the law to take its own course, it said.

Covid-19 second wave is on rise, people should take necessary steps to protect and prevent the situation rather than holding dharnas, organising rallies and spreading false rumours, it added.

The medical student was allegedly found death hanging inside his hostel room of RIMS on March 15. People’s committee JFSA has been carrying out various agitations for justice.

The JFSA alleged that Sanaton was murdered. It has been demanding justice for Sanaton.

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