Rally on Kishan Satyagraha-Dandi Yatra

Imphal: Manipur Pradesh Congress Seva Dal (MPCSD) on Friday took out a ‘peacefull’ rally in solidarity with “Kishan Satyagraha-Dandi Yatra” in Imphal city.

The rally set off from state Congress Bhavan, BT Road and headed towards MG Avenue, after giving floral tribute at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at MG Avenue the rally continued towards Thangal bazaar passing through Kasturi bridge. It continued towards Nagamapal road and wind up at the initial point after heading near Bir Tikendrajit Fly over bridge.

State Congress general secretary, Hareshwar Goshwami said the main theme of the rally this year was to commemorate the historic Dandi March (1930) that defied the colonial and discriminatory Salt Law which now have relevance with BJP’s anti-farmer farm laws and other black laws.

He said the white sahebs (means the British rulers) have gone and now the black sahebs are back in the guise of BJP to discriminate the people. The Congress had succeeded to expel the white sahebs in the past. Now, time has come again to fight and subdue the black sahebs. That is the reason why Dandi March is observed this year as Kisan Satyagraha-Dandi Yatra, he added.

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