AR conducts anti Poppy cultivation campaign

Imphal: In pursuance of Manipur government’s initiative of War Against Drugs, Churachandpur Battalion Assam Rifles conducted an ‘Anti Poppy Cultivation Campaign’ with the theme “No to Poppy Cultivation, Save Future Generation” at S Khollen village of Henglep Subdivision of Churachandpur district, Manipur on Sunday.

The campaign was organised with an aim to motivate villagers to stop cultivating Poppy in their fields and help reducing in the production of Opium & other psychotropic substances. A total of 44 villagers of Songkot, S Khollen and Bongkot villages attended the event.

The campaign focused on educating the populace on various devastating physical, mental and financial effects of drugs specially on youth and its ultimate fallout on the society. They were also educated on various alternative cash crops that can be grown instead of Poppy. The villagers were exhorted for a collective pledge to support “War Against Drugs Campaign” and to stand against all illegal poppy plantations in their fields, the Assam Rifles said.

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