Paramilitary forces, NDRF, IAF join hands douse fire in Dzuko valley

Imphal: ​In the ongoing effort to douse the wildfire in the popular tourist destination Dzukou valley on Nagaland-Manipur border, Spear Corps is working hand in hand with various central and state governments organisations and tackling the problem in a synchronised manner.

​The Indian Army and Assam Rifles are providing all possible assistance to the NDRF teams in terms of accomodation, tentage and logistics resources so that they can execute their tasks to their full efficiency.

​The Indian Army is also providing its aviation base for launch of Bambi bucket operations and coordinating ground support, air traffic control, air space management as well as other logistics support to Indian Air Force, thereby augmenting the air-effort. Senior Army officials also had a meeting with the state administration for better synergy in the ongoing efforts.

Indian Army has displayed true jointmanship in coordinating and synchronizing efforts of all agencies involved in dousing the wildfire, says Assam Rifles.

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