Guv, CM greet people on Nupi Lal

Imphal: Governor Najma Heptulla and chief minister N. Biren Singh greets the people of Manipur on the occasion of Nupi Lal Day praising the courage of Manipur women for their role in Manipuri society at critical juncture.

Heptulla in her greetings said The Nupi Lal (Woman’s War) which took place in 1939-40 is a land-mark event in the history of Manipur. Nupi Lal not only does represent one of the popular agitations which fought against an extremely exploitation form of socio-economic and political system executed by the joint feudalistic-colonial rule but also was a movement influenced and to a certain extent supported by the emerging educated elite for political reforms in Manipur.

“I am really proud of Manipuri women as they always played a very important role in Manipuri society at the critical juncture. I am also happy to know that unlike in other contemporary Hindu society, the Manipuri women held a key position in social and economic activities of the State. Till today, the role played by the Manipuri women is praiseworthy and I am fully confident that the present Manipuri women will also follow the true spirit of the then women in the years to come. I wish the Nupi Lal Day a grand success” she added.

“On the occasion of Nupi Lan Numit, the 12th December 2020, I join the people of Manipur in paying tribute to the brave Imas of Manipur, who fought against the exploitative policies of the then colonial rule and came to the forefront for bringing socio-political reforms in the state,” Biren said.

Nupi Lan is one of the important movements of Manipur that occured in 1904 and 1939 against the mass exploitation and artificial famine triggered by the British imperialist. The courage and spirit of women of Manipur to challenge the then mightiest world power is still remembered by the present generation. Nupi Lan continues to be a motivation for the people of the State. It reminds us that we have the courage and boldness to stand together and fight against evil, he added

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