Education minister Rajen bats to resign if fails to discharge duty

Imphal: Manipur education minister Sorokhaibam Rajen says he will resign from his ministreship if he fails to discharge his duty to develop government educational institutions.

He made the remark during his felicitation function held at Manipur college, here on Saturday.

Rajen said proper infrastructure and proper administration by the head of the educational institutions are needed to bring development in government schools and colleges.

“If government institutes are not good, why students are rushing at Churachachand Higher secondary school, Tamphasana Girls Higher Secondary School and Dhanamanjuri University including Ghanapriya women’s colleges for admission”, Rajen said.

Instead of defaming the government institutes one should point out the problem so that government would try to solve the problems in the government institutes.

If proper infrastructure and respective institute heads take tresponsibility government institutes will be far better than private institutes, he said.

The minister who is also in-charge of fishery and CADAi said if proper infrastructure in fishery and CADA is not there then the state could face unavailability of fishes and in some construction works under the departments.

The society should respect teachers and teachers should also share their ideas to the authority so that government could bring development in education sector, Rajen said.

Education is the backbone for a developed society so all should try to defend from the impact of Covid-19 though schools in the state had been shut down for more than seven months, he added.

Speaker Y. Khemchand said to bring good education in the state government will try to add more in the annual budget for education which is about Rs 2 crore from the coming year.

As a part of the function two study reports “Data mining of government colleges ofManipur 2016-2020” and “Proceedings, panel discussion on emerging disciplinesand their prospects and challenges in Manipur 9th-10th July” were released by Khemchand.

The twobooks were submitted to State Project Directorate / Rashtriya UchchatarShiksha Avhiyan, Manipur.

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