Forest officials clean up plastic waste at Kakching Bazar

Imphal: Staff of Kaching Range office and Pallel Beat office on Friday clear-up plastic waste at Kakching Lamkhai Bazar observing 55th edition of International No Plastic Day.

Range officer N. Munal Meitei said the specific goal of the No Plastic Day that has been observing since 1965 so far could not be achieved. In a year about five billion plastic bags are used over the globe. This threatens humankind and living beings.

Despite of awareness messages against plastic-use, the impact of continuous use of plastic products in Manipur and developing countries like India is the highest, he added.

There are about 200 shops at Kakching Lamkhai Bazar and the plastic waste scattered in the area is so huge, the officer said and appealed to the people to use plastic products at the minimum level and only in unavoidable situation so that cleaning of plastic waste will not be required.

The forest officer appealed to the people to make Kakching Lamkhai Bazar a plastic free market centre.

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