MOMA appeals farmers to utilise Food Park to store surplus perishable food produces

Imphal: Manipur Organic Mission Agency (MOMA), department of horticulture and soil conservation on Saturday notified that the Cold Storage Unit of Manipur Food.

Industries Corporation Limited (MFICL) located at Food Park, Nilakuthi, shall be utilised for storing surplus perishable produces as an immediate and preventive measure to curb food losses and support farmers and entrepreneurs with assured market through procurement of their surplus perishable produces.

It notified that intended individual farmer, farmer groups, farmer producer companies and entrepreneurs having surplus harvested perishable produces can avail the assistance and utilise the cold storage facilities of MFCIL.

For details one may contact at 7085839624 or or visit Manipur Organic Mission Agency, department of horticulture and soil conservation, Sanjenthorg, Imphal.

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