Focus on COVID-19 issue instead of fighting for power: MDA

Imphal: Manipur Democratic Alliance (MDA), has urged political parties to stop fighting for power and to focus on the present issue of COVID-19.

Convenor, Manipur Democratic Alliance (MDA), M Tombi urged the people of respective assembly constituencies to mark the MLAs who give priorities in grabbing ministership then COVID-19 crisis.

The alliance condemned the political parties ‘which are prioritising for political gain’.

Tombi was speaking at a press conference held at its head office, here.

He said MDA has been supporting on various issues of the state. With the outbreak of COVID-19 different sections of people including farmers and other are facing drastic problems. Despite of taking up measures to fight the pandemic issues some political parties are giving priority for political gain, he added.

The people of respective assembly constituencies should mark those MLAs involved in the politucal war and not to elect them as representative in the coming Assembly elections, he said.

Regarding the Khwairamband market shutdown since the imposition of lockdown, Tombi said women vendors suffer to a great extent. The state government needs to arrange alternative measures by allowing them to sell their items at small markets in Imphal city, he added.

MDA Co-convenor Khogendra said opposing the delimitation process to be conducted as per 2001 census all political parties have conducted and resolved to sent memorandum to central government. However no one turns up to get signature for the memorandum as some of the political party are focusing to get political gain for their vested interest. MDA had already submitted the memorandum regarding delimitation process, he added.

Politics is to sacrifice for the welfare of the people. Any politician who fails to sacrifice for the welfare of the people is better to stay away from politics, he said.

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