Until testing completed, no more arrangements to bring back new people – Cabinet

Imphal: The State Cabinet in an emergency meeting held on Wednesday evening has decided to shift COVID-19 symptomatic persons directly shifted to hospital and to not allow them to board trains transporting stranded Manipuris from other parts of the country.

The meeting was convened as the COVID-19 positive case in the state reach 25 with 16 new positive cases alone on Wednesday. It also reviewed the status of incoming stranded people, the reported positive cases and status of quarantine centers.

It was also decided to bring stranded people in phase manners and first phase of trains arranged till May 25. The second phase will be planned only after completion of testing of all the people stationed in quarantine centers. It was further decided to segregate new arriving people from the existing inmates in quarantine centers and not to mix up them to control the spread of COVID- 19 and also to keep them in separate locations till the testing is completed.

The State Cabinet has also approved to sanction Rs.I0 lakhs for each assembly constituency from MLALADS funds for maintenance of the community quarantine centers.

Testing capacity for COVID-19 in the state has been increased from 200 to 900 daily and it will be further increased to 1500 per day. So far 2544 samples are tested and out of which 25 cases were detected as positive.

So far six trains from Chennai, Punjab, Bangalore, Baroda, Hyderabad have arrived at Jiribam. Two more trains Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh and Hyderabad will be reaching Jiribam on May 21. Numbers of people reaching Manipur by train by Thursday, May 21 will be 6010 people and people already reached Manipur by road is 5844.

State Government has also arranged two trains from Delhi, two from Goa and Mumbai, one each from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gujarat and Rajasthan to bring back stranded Manipuris for which final schedule are waiting.

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