Rs. 14.73 lakh – Guwahati Manipur Bhavan’s bill for 84 stranded Manipuris

Imphal: The total bills of 84 stranded Manipuris, who had stayed at Guwahati Manipur Bhavan, due to COVID-19 lockdown is Rs. 14,73,040/- (Rupees fourteen lakhs seventy three thousand and forty).

According to a letter sent by Administrative Officer, Manipur Bhawan, Guwahati to Principal Secretary, GAD, government of Manipur dated 3rd May, which Chief Minister, N. Biren Singh posted on his Facebook handle revealed the total bill amount.

According to the bill calculated and submitted by Guwahati Manipur Bhavan said, lodging charge payable for 37 days (for the period of their stay from 26th March to 1st May) is Rs. 10,72,120/- (Rupees Ten lakhs seventy two thousand one hundred and twenty).

While fooding charge for the same period is Rs. 3,67,920/- (Rupees Three lakhs sixty seven thousand nine hundred and twenty), which include one meal charge for 1st May.

Whereas, the drinking water bills is Rs. 20,000/- for the period from 1st April to 1st May and another bill of Rs. 13,000/- for supply of Hand sanitizers, mosquito refilled and soap and hand gloves.

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh posted letter mentioning the calculated bill amount on his Facebook handle on Monday.

“Ngarang nahan Guwahati dagi hallkhiba meeoi 84 Manipuri echil enaosing aduna Manipur Bhavan da March ki date 26 dagi leibirambadugi (chaba thakpa ,tumba leibagi)pifam thokpa total amount Rs. 14,73,040/- (Fourteen lakh seventy three thousands and forty only) tare haina bhavan dagi account tharakli.”, CM posted along with the letter.

It may be mentioned that altogether 87 Manipuris stranded at Guwahati due to national lockdown were brought back on 2nd May.

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