Police find no male villagers at Shangching village where iron bar delivery truck was burnt

Pothashang News Service: Imphal, April 9, 2020: In follow up procedure by Shangshak Police team to obtain witness statement, in connection with the burning of 1st MR iron bar delivery truck at Shangching village under Shangshak Police station in Ukhrul District, so far police were unable to trace any male villagers of Shangching village.

The 1st MR iron bar delivery truck was burnt down by unknown miscreants on Tuesday at Shangching village.

According to police source, a Shangshak Police team went for the second time to obtain witness statement on Thursday where no male villagers of Shangching village were found available except for few female villagers.

Upon inquiring about the male villagers, the female villagers replied of knowing nothing.

On Wednesday, when the police team visited the Shangching Village, there were not a single male or female villagers, the source added.

It said Shangshak Police station is going through huge inconveniences in facing such cases due to poor strength.

Miscreants has been taking advantages of the poor strength of the Shangshak Police station, it added.

Although the villagers have absconded in connection with the truck burning case, there is possibility that Shangching Village chief might be summoned very soon, the source said.

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