PM Interacts with social welfare organizations, praises dedications towards serving humanity

Pothashang News Service: Imphal, March 30, 2020: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday interacted with representatives of organizations working towards social welfare, via video conference.

Prime Minister said the entire nation is displaying immense resilience, grit and patience in facing the challenge of Covid-19. Recalling that Mahatma Gandhi used to say that serving the poor and downtrodden is the best way to serve the nation. he praised the dedication and commitment of the participating organization towards serving humanity.

Prime Minister observed that these organintions have three distinct specialities: humane approach. massive reach and connect with people and a service mindset. due to which they are trusted implicitly. He said that the nation is facing an unprecedented crisis and needs the service of these otganizations and their resources like never before.

He suggested that the organizations can play a huge role in arranging for basic necessities for the poor. and can also dedicate their medical facilities and volunteers to serving patients and the needy. He highlighted that the nation needs both short-term measures and a long-term vision to overcome the challenge.

Prime Minister added that they have a big role to play in countering superstitions. beliefs and misinformation. He observed that in the name of beliefs people have been seen gathering in places and flouting social distancing norms, adding that it is necessary to further spread the importance of maintaining social distancing to check the spread of the virus.

The representatives of the social welfare organizations praised the leadership of the Prime Minister in navigating a complicated situation with dexterity. They lauded the pro-active measures of the government which have been effective in controlling spread of the virus. They pledged support to the PM-CARES fluid adding that their workforce will be dedicated completely to the cause of serving the nation in this time of crisis. They also talked about the wok being done currently by them to meet the challenge through awareness campaigns through digital means. distribution of essentials, food pack, sanitines, medicines and provision of medical help to those in need.

Prime Minister reiterated the importance of spreading awareness, helping the poor and needy through arranging for basic necessities. provision of medical facilities and dedicating the volunteers to the cause of serving those impacted by Covid-19. He stressed on the importance of giving medical and scientific advice and countering misinfornation. He underlined the need to keep working together to face the chalkenge of the pandemic.

Advisor to the Prime Minister and CEO. NITI Aayog also participated in the interaction.

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