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Imphal, Nov.  2: “RIMS is the most corrupt hospital I have ever heard” wrote a post graduate student at Regional Institute of Medical Science to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The student wrote that no authority in the institution wanted to improve the hospital as each of them runs private hospital of their own and funds sanctioned for the improvement of the institution are pocketed by the authority for their own good.

The student who hesitates to reveal its name has been in the institute for about 4 months. He said sometimes patients were treated without proper investigation as the hospital does not have any proper facilities for investigation and for the patient party can’t afford to do test outside the institute.

The MRI machine installed did not work since he came to the institute, CT scan had been shut down for nearly a month, there is no ICU which is just ward named SICU, with no ventilators, no monitor, but a bed and a cupboard, Neonatal ICU has been put up just for namesake by putting fake sign in some forsaken rooms, for the whole hospital only one USG machine is working, there is no USG machine in the labour room which is the most important thing during delivery, above all of these patients have to buy all the medication including Iron and folic acid with their money, there are no defibrillators in casualty, toilet are the worst.

The student drew the attention of the Prime Minister in the letter written during the middle week of September, 2017.

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