Imphal, November 2, 2017 (DIPR): Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam Singh said that the young minds need to be ignited and link with the research and study for relevance of future. Therefore one has to be innovative and thinking for future to enable to work for betterment of future.

He was speaking as Chief Guest at the Round Table Discussions on Research and Educational Priorities for Transforming North East India at the Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD), Takyelpat.

The Minister said that the problems and issues will always keep coming and there is no ready made solution to end them. With the advancement, man is in constant conflict with nature due to its greed causing disturbance by excessive exploitation. He said, to find solution to the problems, research and studies need to be conducted by prioritising the importance.

He pointed out that numerous research has been carried out which could be witnessed daily on the papers but the most important is how far all these research being done has been useful to the people and benefitted the society. He said, when a research is conducted or done, it should be carried out prioritising the subjects and matters that would be relevant for the society and sustainable future and not just for getting a degree. He said, now is the time that the research be done on nuclear energy, solar, the wind and the sustainable resources that holds the key to better future.

The globalisation has made this world a global village the answer on how small states of the north east like Manipur would cope and compete in such situation lies in the research and studies that would be carried out by the youths. He said, prioritising the issues and problems according to urgencies, need to be taught and trained the youths to be able to address the issues on time. For this, having a vision is a must for better and sustainable growth, he added.

Director, IBSD, Prof. Dinabandhu Sahoo said that the discussion is being carried out to transform and enhance the life of people through science and technology. He also said it is to make the research carried out in the laboratories reach the common people specially in the north east and Manipur.

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