Tears from the deep core

Students washing feet of their parents at Mount Carmel Academy

Pothashang News Service

Imphal, September 13:  Parents, teachers and children were driven with tears of inexpressable love and joy shed from the heart core when students of Mount Carmel Academy washes the hands and feet of their parents during annual parents-teachers meeting held September 8 at the school complex.

“I was deeply moved seeing parents shedding tears of joy and keeping their hands on their children heads for praying. I wished,  I could also do the same deed to my parents,  if I am studying in this school. Because I have never perform such deed in my whole life till today”, said Ashang Pungshok, principal of the school talking to Pothashang.

Located in the west part of Senapati headquarter town the school is one of the tiny school in Senapati having about 300 students, established in 1992. Most of the students are from different communities as well different villages. Moreover,  majority are from poor family. The parents are living hand to mouth.

“I want the children to see the hardened and stiff hands and feet of their parents in the process of toiling to afford them to schools. Besides,  to bring closer relationship between parents and children when they do such kind of humble good deed to their parents”, said Ashang Pungshok.

The scene of washing hands and feet by the children to their own parents as a sign of gratitude and love towards their mother and father for the hardships,  sacrifices and true love that parents have shown upon their children have touched deep to many.

Now a days,  many children don’t understand the hardships and sacrifices of the parents that have put on their children. In stead of bringing joy, hope to the parents,  children are giving more burdens and troubling to their parents. Hence, the event was organised in the school, said Ashang Pungshok.

As the programme went on parents were weeping along with their beloved children. Even some parents have given blessings and prayed for their children. Many were touched deep down in their hearts when they witnessed this program.

I thank God for giving me such the idea. I pray to God that, all the schools will take up such programs to bring back the moral values and a better relationship between parents and children. Besides to make children understand the hardships and true love of the parents. If so,  this will bring great change in our society as well. As children are the pillars of our nation, we must train and mould our children to be responsible citizen and live with integrity, said  Ashang Pungshok.

“I am deeply touched to learn such a conduct in a school of Manipur when the youth of today Manipur lags moral. This kind of activity should be followed by every schools in the state. I am sure it will help in shaping the society to a great extent”, said a retired teacher.

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