Imphal, September 14, 2017 (DIPR) : Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam Singh said that learning of Hindi as a language should be a passion for the language rather than driven by notion of getting employed.  He was speaking as Chief Guest of Hindi Diwas Celebration at Manipur University (MU), organised by the The Official Language Cell, MU.

Radheshyam said that learning a language depends on the need and requirement. Language is a medium of life in which one expresses and defines oneself. He said language should not be imposed on the people but should be made a platform to generate curiosity for the language and its beauty. People, when get fascinated by the language, will obviously search to be learnt.

Hindi as national language should be learnt. This will not only help the non – Hindi speakers of the state in communicating with Hindi – speaking people from the nation, it will also unite the people of the nation, he said. Knowing Hindi becomes necessary when one goes beyond the border of the state, he pointed out as it becomes the medium to communicate and explore the different facets of India’s diverse culture.

Dr. Kanchan Sharma, HOD, MU said that the Hindi spoken by non – Hindi speakers cannot be negated as an inaccurate language. It is the mother influence that has been imbibed in the Hindi language that brings out the real beauty of the language.

Highlighting the importance of both Hindi and English language, Dean School of Humanities Prof. M. Mani Meitei said that language in itself is the expression of the culture. Hindi is studied academically and professionally as a medium for communication but knowing Hindi will help in understanding the ethos of Indian culture, he added. If Hindi is not known, he said, the state would have been isolated and deprived of many opportunities.

Principal, Hindi Teachers Training College, Dr. H. Ibeyaima Devi highlighted the prevailing issues in learning and teaching of Hindi. She said that the teaching and learning practices of Hindi is book driven focussing only on the coverage of the syllabus for examination, resulting to the inability to communicate in Hindi with proper pronunciation.

Vice Chancellor M. U. Shri Adya Prasad Pandey, Professors, research scholars, and students also attended the diwas.

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