Tree Plantation begins at Raj Bhavan

‘Clean and Green’ Cleanliness and Tree Plantation Campaign on the occasion of Guru Pujah was organised today at Raj Bhavan by the Governor of Manipur Dr. Najma Heptulla and the staff of Raj Bhavan. Altogether 210 numbers of saplings of different species were planted at the Raj Bhavan park.

While planting the first sapling , the Governor said that she returned her obligation  to mother earth  and dedicated the second sapling ( Bokul : Mimosops Elengi) to (Late) Anil Madhav Dave , Minister of State(IC) Environment , Forest and Climate Change , Government of India  who was working for cleaning the Loktak Lake  whom the Governor was working with to make the Lake  the largest Lake in the north east region and requested everyone to plant tree in his memory.

The Governor stressed the importance of planting trees and appealed to every individual to plant tress on special occasion. Manipur is endowed with rich culture and bio diversity; mother earth has been very beneficial to Manipur because there are various species of orchids and trees.  The state recorded as number 10 in the whole world in terms of bio diversity and said we are thankful to mother earth for creating such a beautiful place. Manipur is not being discovered by the rest of the country and so, decided that Manipur will be a Clean and Green state and these words are the slogan of our Hon’ble PM also and we should respond to it and encourage each and everyone to keep a clean environment in every locality.  The Governor further added that by planting tress we create something and we return something to Mother Nature and that’s the way we can do Guru Pujah and declared that on this day, we keep these objectives.

The Governor has a plan to develop the park as a Children Park and the reason she choose the park is because children can come and enjoy, it may not be as good as the Mughal Garden, but it should be a place for children to come and see the plants, it may be beginning of some movement where children can learn different varieties of tress and able to identify them and learn to respect them because every tree, every bush , every plant gives us something. The state has more than five hundred varieties of medicinal plants and orchids which we are not aware of  and our children should be told to love and live with nature which is the objective of today’s programme and the Governor declare that this Raj Bhavan will be open to children. (DIPR)

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