Biren Launches Barak Festival

Chief minister Nongthombam Biren Singh has launched the Barak (Spring) Festival at Senapati, where he was warmly welcome by thousands gathered at Senapati Mini Stadium, today.

The festival was organised by the Naga people’s organisation with the motive of conservation of the Barak river valley and rejuvenate the cultural heritage of Manipur.

Biren Singh asserting the Naga issue as the issue for everyone in the state said the government and people of Manipur welcome every peace initiative in the state. The past mistakes should be forgotten and forgiven and work together for peace and love, he added.

He appreciated the NPO for its endeavour in organising the festival since 2013.  “Today I propose the organiser to organise this festival in collaboration with the state government for which the financial requirement will be borne by the state”, said Biren Singh.

The festival was organised under the theme “Reclaiming Responsibilities”.  It aimed to revitalise the cultural heritage and values of the people and also inspire spirit of cultural tolerance and respect for each other’s culture by celebrating the manifold blessings of the Barak river and in gratefulness move spiritedly for conservation and protection of environmen.

The Barak Festival is celebrated during December 11-13 every year. In 2016, due to “unfavourable” situation, a decision was made to organize a car rally from Senapati district headquarters to Liyai, the Barak source village on December 11 last year to uphold the sanctity of the festival calendar and to follow up with the other festival activities in the spring of 2017, said M.S Jerome, convenor of the festival organising committee.

As a part of the festival 100 trekkers belonging to five tribes trekked down from Bisho bridge along the Barak River. Boys and girls under four category run down from Karong till the mini stadium.

“A beginning is already made with the spring festival. It will carry forward the message of restoration through conscious change for a better collective life of the people” said Jerome.

Asserting that the present government has marked 15 of every month as people’s day and 10 of every month exclusively for the tribal people to table their grievances, Biren Singh said he had listen the grievances of more than 300 tribal people on May 10.

For any schemes the beneficiaries will get their items from their respective districts not from Imphal as it was distributed in the past, added the chief minister.

Biren Singh said the government as promised will complete those works announced to complete in 100 days of the formation of the BJP led government. The project of road maintenance from Tupul to Mao was handed to NHIDCL as the BRO has never completed any project taken. For this Rs.301 crore had been sanctioned and another Rs.64 crore was also released for the Tadubi-Tolloi road leading to Ukhrul. Both the projects will be completed simultaneously, added Biren Singh.

A sum of Rs. 202 crore has also been sanctioned to develop Zuko valley as tourist destination. The government has also started taking initiatives to begin water supply projects in Senapati and to preserve the Barak river.

He said the central government has provided various schemes for the people including the Housing for All scheme.

On the occasion the chief minister also announced to reward professional footballer Kario Issac of Senapti the post of sub inspector in the police service for his excellence in the field.

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