Nagaland CM wants Meitei to play Big brother role

Nagaland chief minister Shurhozele Luzitsu wants the Meitei community to play the role of big brother looking up for the welfare of the people in the North East region.
Shurhozele said, Meitei are the most advanced community in the North east region. Time has come for the learned community to come forward and create friendship with the younger brethren while we expect with a new peaceful and harmonious era. The people in the North East have different ethnic groups and all shall learn to live together and that was our priority in Nagaland.
Shurhozele was here today for a one day tour to Manipur. He met the chief minister of Manipur Nongthobam Biren.
Talking to the reporters at Hotel Classic Grande in Imphal, the Ngaland CM said the purpose of his visit was a courtesy call to CM Biren Singh and the people of Manipur.
The BJP and NPF alliance has brought good impact in Manipur too. In both the states there were so many crises for some time. But now people have seen a ray of hope with peace and understanding, said the Ngaland CM.
“We are sorry that some of our leaders in the past have exploited the situation to their selfish end and created feeling of difference among different communities. But now with the change in Manipur state we believe that the era is over”, said Shurhozele.
Biren Singh welcoming the Ngaland chief minister said the Nagaland CM was here to share happiness of the cohesive and peaceful momentum prevalence in the state within 40 days of the BJP led government.

Shurhozele was associated with ex CM TR Zelinang and education minister Yitachu among others

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