Mapithel dam-affected Chadong villagers demanded fair compensation to the villagers who have been displaced by the Mapithel dam like providing alternative livelihood schemes.
The demand was made by the Chadong villagers in a meeting held yesterday with the IFCD Minister Letpao Haokip and department officials.

Highlighting their woes the Chadong villagers made the demand and extended invitation to the Minister and the IFCD officials to inspect the village and assess the grievances.

Letpao Haokip assured the delegates that the Government is committed to solving the prolonged issued plaguing the Mapithel dam-affected villagers. He also told the villagers that a High Power committee comprising of works, agriculture, fisheries, PHED and CAF&PD ministers has been constituted to solve the problems of Mapithel dam-displaced villagers.

The Minister also assured the delegates from Chadong that he would personally visit the village along with Members of the High Power Committee in the immediate future to assess the woes and grievances of the dam-affected villagers and settle the matter once and for all.

Haokip further sought the cooperation of all concerned so that the Mapithel project may be completed soon.

Gopen Meitei, Secretary of IFCD; Ksh. Pritam Singh, Chief Engineer (IFCD); P. Ingocha Singh, SE/TC-I), Ibomcha Sharma, EE/TPD-I and Shri L. Tamocha Roy, AE/TPD-I represented the department in the meeting.

Kahaosang Mahong, Secretary of Chadong Village Authority (R&R Committee) led a 12-member delegation of Chadong Village Authority in the talk.

The Minister had similar meeting with chiefs of about 17 villages affected by the upstream and downstream of Mapithel Dam under the auspices of Mapithel Dam Affected Coordination Committee (MDACC) on April 27 last.

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