People celebrates Cheiraoba

Imphal: The people of Manipur especially the Meiteis who follow Hinduism celebrated Cheiraoba (New Year’s Day) with offerings to different forms of the almighty.
At homes, the observation of the Cheiraoba is generally initiated with offerings to Lord Sanamahi and His consort, and to the Goddess Leimeral Shidabi and seeks blessings for the prosperity of the family throughout the year. The vegetables and rice which were offered are prepared to serve number of cuisines.
A well prepared meal along with fruits and flowers are generally offered with a lit lamp and incense at the gates of the houses to appease evil spirits so that the family will not be disturbed throughout the year.
In the afternoon people walk up at nearby hills so as to gain high spiritual status and high mentality. Today the Cheiraoching (name of a particular hill for Cheiraoba) located at Thangmeiband, Imphal West was witnessed with a huge crowd. People pray to different forms of the almighty at the bottom and atop the hill.
On the eve of the Cheiraoba, Governor Najma A. Heptulla and Chief Minister Nongthombam Biren Singh wished the people for a prosperous, progressive and peaceful Manipur with the light of hope covering the darkness as time transits from the old year to the New Year.

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