UNC to lift blockade tonight; UNC leaders to release unconditionally  

Tripartite talk has resulted to lift the 139 days old economic blockade which has been imposed by the United Naga Council agitating on the issue of creation of new districts.

The Tripartite began this morning participated by the representatives of the government of India, Govt. of Manipur and the representatives of the United Naga Council at DRDA hall of Senapati district head quarter.

Govt. of Manipur is represented by Addl. Chief Secretary, Suresh Babu and Commissioner (Home) Radha Kumar while the government of India is represented by Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs North East in-charge, Satyender Garg. UNC was represented by former presidents Paul Leo, Samson Remei, Lohrii Adani, general secretary of UNC S. Milan. ANSAM president Seth Shatsang and NWU president LM Tabitha also attended the talk.

Talking to reporters ANSAM president Seth Shatsang said that the UNC has decided to lift the economic blockade with immediate effect.

The talk began at 1.35 pm and took a 10 minutes break at 2:30 pm and concluded its first round of talk at 4:10 pm.

The government of Manipur agreed to start consultation with the stakeholders to redress non- adherence to four points of memorandum of understanding and the government of India’s assurance on the grievances of the UNC which led to the imposition of the economic blockade.

The UNC decided to lift the blockade to create conducive environment for the democratic process of consultation and dialogue.

The government also agreed to release the UNC chief Gaidon Kamei and its publicity secretary form jail without condition and also agreed to close all the cases related to economic blockade against the Naga tribes and students’ leaders.

The next round of the tripartite talk will be held within a month time at the political level.

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