Aadhaar card and job card in river

Large numbers of Aadhaar cards and Job cards were found today in the Imphal river at Khurai Salanthong area which were believed to have undistributed.
Locals say most of the people in Khurai have not been received their Aaadhaar and Job cards as expected. The cards were found in the river by some locals while they were fetching water.
It is very unfortunate that many of us have not received the most needed cards and found undistributed in the water and it is a clear example of misconduct of the authority and taking advantage by some opportunists said a local. The cards are to be distributed by the postal service to every individuals; it is amazing what is happening in the state, added the local.
The recovered Aadhaar card possesses the name of the residence of Khurai area while the Job cards did not bear names.
The locals demanded the authority for clarification at the earliest.

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