CM Ibobi Challenges PM Modi

The chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh reacting to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech challenged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the economic blockade of the United Naga Council and Framework Agreement of the NSCN-IM and the government of India.
Ibobi asked what the harm was for the BJP and the Prime minister to reveal what is in the framework agreement and why did the Prime Minister say that the blockade will be lifted in two days when BJP comes to power after the ensuing election. “I didn’t expect from the Prime Minister of a big country saying like that”, added the chief minister.
Why did Modi say he would open the economic blockade after two days when the BJP comes to Power; this shows that the UNC, NSCN (IM) and the Prime Minister are hand and globe, said Ibobi Singh. “If BJP fails to come to power in the state will the BJP government at the centre allow the blockade to continue” added Ibobi Singh.
Chief minister Ibobi Singh saying that the BJP has been blaming the Congress government as corrupt, said, the centre can entrust CBI or Central agency for investigation against any fund misuse. “They have nothing to say than but only shouting congress as corrupted without giving any evidence” said Ibobi Singh.
Reacting against the Modi’s statement that BJP would give 24 hours of electric power supply if BJP is elected to rule, Ibobi Singh said Manipur has 24 hours of power supply and Modi had not done his home work properly.
“I can challenge him (Modi) in the power sector and health sector with Manipur topped among the state; what about his state Gujarat, very recently it had started using the model of Manipur for improvement of power” said Ibobi.
Ibobi also said after the BJP came to power at the centre it had stopped giving assistance under special category status of the North East states under which the state gets around 8,00 crores, 9,00 crores and 4,50 crores under additional central assistance, notmal central assistance and special plan assistance respectively. “Is it Act East Policy”, asked the chief minister.
The chief minister was addressing a press conference at Congress office in Imphal after Prime Minister addressed in a BJP election rally yesterday.

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