BJP faces allegation of Bribery

The BJP intending candidates who today joined the Manipur National Democratic Front (MNDF) have charged the party of bribery and corruption in giving its tickets to BJP intending candidates for the forthcoming 11th Manipur State Assembly election.
The MNDF executive members welcome the duo—N. Itomba who had been serving as the vice president of Kissan Morcha of BJP and K. Ningthemjao Singh, at the MNDF’s office and pronounced them as winnable candidates.
The duo said they were fed up of national parties and joined the regional party. Both BJP and Congress have neither been able to solve the economic blockade issue nor help the people from victimising by demonetisation and they cannot abstain from corruption added the duo.
K, Ningthemjao who is contesting from Andro assembly constituency said RSS let his donated a sum of Rs. 10 lakh with the promise to give the BJP ticket. “I have served the BJP upto the fullest satisfaction of the leaders even by supplying the requirement of feasting the RSS trainees”, added Ningthemjao.
Ningthemjao saying that he was also a congress member alleged the congress for offering its party ticket to Syamkumar even if he has been a hot cake criminal. “I have joined the MNDF as a platform to help serve people the better” added Ningthemjao.
N. Tombi said, “We know the wind blows but we cannot catch the wind and tell this is the wind.”
Ningthemjao said the ideology of BJP was good and versatile but the leaders have misappropriated in the state.
The working president of the MNDF Bijoy Koijam and its vice president and spokesperson Lien Gangte said their party will contest in 20 assembly constituencies but for the ‘Left and Democratic Front’ which the MNDF is a part will contest in all the 60 seats.
Bijoy said the entry of the duo will strengthen his party.
Gangte said the main aim of MNDF is not to have a performing government. “Our party will not have a double standard role. We will not compromise with any issues which are against the interest of the people, said Gangte.
“Narendra Modi’s party aims to clean India but the corruption is still rampant” said Gangte in the reception function of the duo who left the BJP alleging of corruption.

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