CPI lambast BJP

CPI will announce its candidate in 10 days.
Atul Kumar Anjaan CPI secretary National Council today denounced the BJP government at the centre for not taking the economic blockade seriously and also appealed the United Naga Council to lift the barbaric and undemocratic blockade.
The CPI leader also declared that list of candidates to the ensuing Manipur Assembly Election of the LDF formed by likeminded political parties—AAP, JDU, MNDF, CPI, CPM, NCP and JDU would be declared in ten days time.
Atul kumar is here in Manipur to take stalk of the prevailing situation in Manipur and to supervise the election preparation for his party.

He said blame game is going on the responsibility of the indefinite economic blockade by the BJP and Congress upon each other. The BJP always want to create history. Earlier the during the Congress regime there was a blockade for 200 days. The BJP want to cross 120 days and after that they will take some actions, added Atul Kumar.
“While the people are suffering the BJP at the centre is enjoying” said Atul Kumar.
Saying that all the essential commodities can be brought in hundreds of tons by military planes from Guwahati every day only in forty minutes Atul Kumar said the central government must start sending all essential commodities by military planes everyday to come out from the problematic situation of Manipur.
The blockade called by the UNC allegedly against the state government for splitting the Naga inhabited areas by creating new districts, which is against the dream of Naga integration has crossed 85 days. The state government and civil society organisations have been urging at the centre to talk to the NSCN IM to ask the UNC to end the blockade saying that UNC is the frontal organisation of the NSCN IM.
He appealed the UNC to come to the mainstream and have a discussion for a solution. “If there are genuine and logical issues involved we can take up the issue but we cannot support this type of blockade which is inhuman, barbaric torturous, undemocratic unethical”, said Atul Kumar.

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