A4 gets scarce

Price of A 4 sized paper has kicked up with the scarcity of the product which has high demand by copy and printing service providers in Manipur following the indefinite economic blockade of the United Naga Council.
At the same time large bulk of the paper products of A4 size had been collected from the Imphal city market for official use of the election process which has again decreased the stock position in the market.
Service shops providing Photostat and other printing service which require the particular size paper have to struggle to run their daily business.
Sivakumar, a printing service shop runner in Imphal said, “I have to buy the paper at high rate. However, we cannot increase the service rate for fear of losing customers. The price of its brand called My Choice that normally costs Rs. 140 per packet has risen up to Rs. 130 per packet and the price of the brand known as JK has risen to Rs. 280 per packet against its earlier price of Rs. 180.”
We know there are stocks of the products hidden by the suppliers and they supply to their close costumers only, added Sivakumar.
The papers are being substituted by the A3 size, legal size papers and other types of papers which too cost higher than before.
Price of printing ink powder has gone up from Rs. 2,600 to Rs. 2, 900 per bottle of 230 gm, said another shopkeeper who runs printing and photo copy services.
These business people drew the attention of the consumers club in connection to the hike in price of the commodities as they have arrived to the situation to stop their business.

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