Citizens committee resolve to approach UN

The citizens committee has resolved to approach the Special Advisor to the UN secretary general on the responsibility to protect and to rescue the people from the impact of the economic blockade.
Ex chief minister Radha Binod Koijama who is the chairperson of the committee and addressing the reporters at his resident in Imphal said considering the inability and lack of willingness of both the centre and the state governments to carry out their respective responsibilities to end the hardships and sufferings of the people due to the economic blockade on the lifelines of the state by the United Naga Council, the Citizens committee decided to approach the UN over the humanitarian crisis arising out of the blockade.
He said the centre and the state government have failed to take up appropriate action to end the blockade and to alleviate the hardships and sufferings of the people during the blockade that has crossed 80 days. “They are indulging in blames games over their responsibility in election modes” added Radha Binod.
The prevailing situation is the outcome of the NSCN IM’s project to create a greater Nagaland by uniting the Naga inhabited areas in the North East as well as including some portion of Myanmar at the border, said Radha Binod.
Manipur has a long history of more than 2,000 years of peaceful and harmonious coexistence among various communities in the state. “The dream of the NSCN IM to create a greater Ngaland has created a sense of disintegration of the state”, said the ex CM.
The centre has been saying that the law and order problem is a state subject and the centre has rendered security forces to open the blockade while the state government says that the UNC is backed by the NSCN IM and the centre can bring an end to blockade as the centre and the NSCN IM are on peace talks.
Answering a query over the law and order as state subject Radha Binod said during his tenure as the chief minister of Manipur he declared unilateral cease fire the government of India objected saying that state government cannot declare that. “If law and order is a state subject why can’t the state declare ceasefire with armed insurgent groups”, said Radha Binod.
The citizens group is comprised of learned scholars including lawyers, professors and rights activists.
Professor Amar Yumnam said there is no government for the people and for that we are looking for alternative governance and we decided to approach the UN.

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