IMPHAL : The Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA) urgently appeals to all concerned parties to refrain from unnecessarily hampering the vehicular movements ferrying goods and passengers along National Highway 2 (NH-2) i.e. Imphal-Dimapur national highway.

In a release issued by Information and Publicity Wing Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA) issued on Monday mentioned that it has been observed that blockades/shutdowns are frequently imposed for every minor reason, causing significant disruptions and hardships to the people who rely on this vital route.

“While we understand and sympathize deeply with all victims of the ongoing conflict, it is imperative to maintain NH-2 as a safe-zone. The highway is a lifeline for the region, facilitating the movement of essential goods, services, and citizens. Though, we do not have any objections to total shutdowns being imposed in their respective areas and jurisdictions, any form of harassment or obstruction along NH-2 exacerbates the suffering of innocent people and must be halted immediately.”

If the harassments and unnecessary blockade continues, the Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA), as per the resolutions adopted in the 2nd Federal Assembly held at Nteiramphung (Tumnoupokpi) Village on Saturday, will be forced to take up countermeasures to protect the rights and safety of our citizens, it added.

SDSA urge all stakeholders to consider the broader impact of their actions and work towards peaceful resolutions. The well-being of the Senapati community and the uninterrupted flow of traffic on NH-2 must be prioritized above all else.

The SDSA remains committed to supporting and advocating for the rights and safety of our people. We hope for a cooperative approach to resolve these issues and trust that all parties will act responsibly and considerately.

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