Imphal : Manipur natives in Imphal, on Friday, demonstrated a mass rally “Manipur Kanba Khongchat” to save the state from Narco-Terrorists attacks.

The rally was spearheaded by Committee on Manipur Integrity (Cocomi).

People in thousands took part in the rally denouncing the state government’s inability and the silence of the Union government.

Two MLAs from the Biren-led government, independent MLA Sapam Nishikant Singh and JD(U) MLA Thangjam Arunkumar Singh took part in the rally.

The rally was set off at Thangmeiband Athletic Union (THAU), Imphal, and destinated at Khuman Lampak Sports Complex, where a short public meeting was held.

MLA Nishikant Singh said, “I am a Manipuri. The boundary and integrity of Manipur are non-negotiable. No power on earth can break Manipur.”

Manipur youths took up arms to protect their own villages. To end the violence, both communities involved in the crisis should step back. “The administration is responsible for whatever is happening in Manipur, ” the people’s representative said.

Cocomi coordinator Somorendro Thokchom said, “The government of India has used Chin Kuki Narco-Terrorists to attack Manipur. Kuki militants under Suspension of Operation are openly attacking people (Meitei) in front of central forces, and the central forces remain as mere spectators, which is an open secret.”

He said Union Home minister Amit Shah, during Modi 2.0, stated that the Manipur violence is instigated by Chin Kuki Narco-Terrorists with the help of illegal immigrants. But during Modi 3.0, Amit Shah made another statement that the Manipur violence could be solved after Kuki and Meitei hold a meeting.

The public gathering at the sports complex resolved that there will be no compromise on Manipur’s boundary, and stopping the geo-politics of India that aimed at wiping out the indigenous people of Manipur.

People in the rally aired slogans —“India should stop its attempt to cleanse native people of Manipur. ,”We condemn Divide and Rule police of India”, “Root out Narco-terrorism”, “Push back foreign Narco-terrorist aggressors,” “No Suspension of Operation with Narco Terrorists,” “Implement NRC immediately,” Shouuld not collect weapons from village defenders till conflict ends,” “No Combing Operations till conflict ends.”

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum, on Friday, said, It’s one thing to oppose Kuki-Zo’s demands and desire Manipur’s integrity. The fact that the demonstrators are shouting to kill every Kuki and eliminate them from the soil of Manipur, however, is horrifying.”

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