Panaji/Imphal: A workshop on Ham Radio held today at Jambul Café in Panaji introduced attendees to the fascinating world of amateur radio communication. Organized by Babul Gogoi, a ham radio enthusiast, the workshop aimed to educate participants about the potential of this technology.

Resource persons Sandesh Bhat (call sign: VU3FGJ) and Amey Pandit (call sign: VU2YQ), both from the Goa Amateur Radio Society, delivered informative presentations. Amey Pandit provided a general introduction to ham radio, while Sandesh Bhat delved deeper into the technical aspects. He demonstrated various transceivers used for long-distance communication among ham operators, along with different antenna types.

The workshop emphasized the crucial role ham radio plays during natural disasters when regular communication channels fail.

The event attracted a diverse group of participants, ranging from a 10-year-old child to a 60-year-old man, all united by their interest in ham radio.

Speaking to the media, organizer Babul Gogoi, who is himself preparing for the Amateur Station Operators’ License (General) Examination, expressed his enthusiasm for the hobby. “There’s no doubt ham radio is a great pursuit,” he said. “I can’t wait to get my ham station operational and connect with fellow hams around the world.”

As highlighted by Gogoi, Indian citizens above 12 years old can become licensed ham radio operators by qualifying for the Amateur Station Operators’ License.

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