Imphal: Manipur government has lodged a zero FIR at Imphal Police station on Monday against Kuki National Front-Military Council (KNF-MC) for changing of the original name of Thangjing as Thangting as it violates the provision of Manipur Names of Places Act, 2024.

Committee on Protection of Tribal Areas Manipur (Kuki Hills) on February 15 had sent a request to chairperson, National Commission for Schgedule Tribe, Delhi to repeal the Kanglatongbi-Kangpokpi reserved forest, Kangpokpi district, Churachandpur- Khoupum Protected Forest and many others.

The committee also appealed to quash or rescind the order for declaration of the sacred sitte of Ibudhou Thangjing (approximately 4 hectares) located at Thangjing Hill range and sacred site of Lord Koubru (approximately 2 hectares) and Lai Pukhri (approximately 4 Hectares) located at Koubru Hill renge as Protected site under section 5 of the Manipur Ancient and Historical Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remaiins Act, 1976.

The zero was mentioned that a photograph was found circulated in social media showing a gate erected bearing the word “Kuki National Front-Military Council” with the name of the site mentioned as “Thangting” which appears that the location is ‘Thangjing Ching’.

Thangjing Hill is a religious pilgrimage site for Meitei/Meetei. However, after the May 3 incident last year, Kukis of the area demolished the shrine and erected a “cross” and renamed it as ‘Mt Olive’.

The FIR lodged by under secretary (Land Resources) government of Manipur, Mangoljao Kamei mentioned that the present day Thangjing Hill range falls within the Churachandpur-Khoupum Protected Forest which was notified on September 17, 1966 under section 29 of the Indian Forest Act, 1927.

It stated that Thangjing (Thang Ching) is a hill of historical importance and the Art and Culture department, Manipur has declared it as a protected site under section 4 of the Manipur Ancient and Historial Monuments and Archaelogical Sites and Remains Act, 1976 on November 14, 2022.

As the erection of the gate bearing the word Kuki National Front-Military Council with the name of the site mentioned as “Thangting” indicated unauthorised changing of the original name of Thangjing, it is the violation of the provision of the Manipur Names and Places Act, 2024 and section 4 of the Manipur Ancient and Historical Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1976.

It further requested to register zero FIR at Imphal Police station as Thangjing Hill range falls under Henglep Police Station.

Following the zero FIR the case has been transferred to Khoupum police station, Churachandpur district. “The intension of erecting the gate is a criminal conspiracy which could promote enmity between different groups on the ground of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language etc., deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings pf any class by insulting its religion or religious belief and others.”

KNF-MC is a Kuki insurgent group and also a signatory to the controversial tripartite suspension of operations (SoO) agreement between some 25 Kuki-Zo insurgent groups and the Centre and the state government. However, state government has withdrawn from the tripartite agreement and the SoO agreement with Central government was also expired on February. It is yet to be confirmed that the central government continue with a bipartite SoO agreement with the outfit or not.

Chief minister N. Biren Singh on his X account posted “The State Government has immediately taken up measures to book any group or individuals involved in changing existing names of places in the state. Under Manipur Names of Places Act, 2024, a case has also been registered for renaming a part of Thangjing hill range as ‘Thangting.”

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