Imphal: Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited (MSPDCL) has instructed all officers of the company to remain alert and station at their respective stations offices.

The instruction was made in view of the prevailing weather in the state and incessant rain which is expected to continue for a couple of days.

“In case of any eventualities occurring due to the current inclement weather condition, immediate measures should be taken by co-ordinating with the concerned officers and officials within their jurisdiction.”

The division and sub-divisional officers have been advised to take up all the appropriate precautions to ensure safety while carrying out the above measures.

The report on the action taken in case of such eventualities should be submitted to the concerned general manager, Corporate Office, MSPDCL at the earliest. This may be treated as important and urgent, said the order issued by (H. Shantikumar Singh) managing director, MSPDCL.

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