Imphal: Manipur government has issued public advisory in view of the severe cyclonic storm, REMAL which may accompany with rain and squally wind gusting up to 55 KMPH over the state of Manipur starting on Sunday.

In such an advisory, the deputy commissioner of Imphal East district said the general public of Imphal East district is advised to remain alert and take necessary precautions to avoid the loss of life and property.

The Indian Meteorological Department in its weather bulletin dated on Monday had issued orange alert for the entire state of Manipur.

The general public have been advised to stay informed, keep updated with the latest weather forecasts and warnings issued by local, state and national authorities; to ignore rumours and stay calm and not to panic; to reinforce doors and windows, secure loose objects; and to prepare emergency kit with essential items such as non —perishable foods, water, torchlights, first aid supplies, medicines, etc. for safety and survival.

Children and elderlies have been advised to stay indoors and do not come out of the house unless under unavoidable circumstances. The advisory advised to keep emergency contacts handy and to stay away from vulnerable structures, unattached metal sheets, banana trees, papaya trees etc.

It has been advised to postpone Agriculture and other related activities till the weather condition improves and to avoid going to areas that face water logging problems often.

District Helpline Numbers have also been provided.

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